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Feb 26th-March 1st, 2024 - Jean Fosbrooke Original Artwork Sale (Calgary)

Canadian Artist Jean Fosbrooke  passed away on Friday, January 26, 2024, at the age of 85.

Jean's passion for art led her to an illustrious career, significantly impacting the Canadian art scene. As President of the Canadian Federation of Artists and a founding member of The Art Show Gallery and Fosbrooke Fine Arts in Calgary's Penny Lane Mall, Jean was a beacon of creativity and leadership. Her journey in the art world continued at Gibson Fine Art (GFA), where she joined in 2007 at the age of 67. With her wealth of experience from Fosbrooke Fine Arts, Jean became an integral part of GFA, contributing as both a valued team member and a respected gallery artist until her retirement at 81.
At Gibson Fine Art (GFA), Jean's dedication and commitment deeply touched all who encountered her work. Her unwavering love for the gallery and the artists she supported left an indelible mark on the community. More than her role, Jean was a source of inspiration, living life with passion and purpose. Her spirit, enthusiasm, and profound understanding of art enriched lives beyond measure. As we mourn Jean's loss, we also celebrate her extraordinary legacy, which will continue to resonate in the hearts of all who knew her. Jean's memory and the impact of her work will forever be a part of our community, missed dearly but living on in the art she loved so deeply.

This Online Estate Sale of Jean's beautiful, original paintings will begin at noon on Monday Feb 26th and will close on Friday March 1st at 5pm 


Pick Up Times: Saturday March 2nd from 11am-2pm @ 5411 Dufferin Blvd SE, Calgary (**pick up confirmation emails will be sent on Friday morning)

Discounts will be as follows: Tuesday at 10pm MST 15% off, Wednesday at 10pm MST 25% off and Thursday at 10pm MST 50% off (if items are still available). ***Please note, discounts can take up to 20 minutes to be applied to all items as our system applies the discount to each item individually

**Buying Note: As this is an estate sale, we typically have only 1 item of each to sell. With using our online Estate Sale system, the program will allow you to add an item in your cart but will not guarantee the purchase until it is paid for at checkout. An item is only guaranteed when you have confirmation of payment after clicking the "purchase" button. The system will recognize the first person that pays for their item as "SOLD". Otherwise anyone could load items into their cart and hold them for a period and then decide to remove them from their cart.

1. Upon arrival at the venue, please pull over and TEXT us to enter our pickup cue (text number will be provided on your receipt). These instructions with the number to text will be emailed to all purchasers on the last day of the sale (Friday am)
2. We will text you back and instruct you to come up to the house to pick up your items.

-Our staff will be onsite to facilitate customer pickups (see above for further details).
-Please bring enough assistance to load heavy items into your vehicle.
-Please bring an appropriately sized vehicle for your purchase; if you cannot fit your item(s) into your vehicle during the customer pickup hours, you will have forfeited your purchase.
-When entering the property for pick up, you are entering at your own risk.
-It is the customer's responsibility to ensure pick up of all items included in their purchase(s).
-Please understand that items may be forfeited if they are not picked up during set pick up times and refunds will not be issued under any circumstance.
-Items not picked up during the Designated Pick Up Time will be subject to Alternative Pick Up Arrangement fees of $25 minimum (this fee will increase in accordance to the size of the items)

*Please note that we are required by law to charge GST on all purchases made through our online store.

Sell My Stuff Canada believes in transparency when conducting all business activities. We will do our utmost to represent every item in an honest and straightforward manner, by way of photographs and descriptions. Unless an item/lot’s description implies that it has not been tested or closely inspected, we have taken care to scrutinize each item posted for sale, however it is possible we may occasionally miss an imperfection or unintentionally mislabel an item. Please note that, unless otherwise indicated, the items sold are in "used" condition. As such, a general expectation of imperfections such as minor scratches, minor wear, etc. is to be expected. Please be aware that despite this possibility, all purchases made through our online store are final and made sight-unseen. Sell My Stuff will not be held responsible for any damages to items occurring during transit, or for any damages/injuries caused by purchased items once removed from the property.
*Sole exception to no-refund policy: If a customer purchases a critically defective item that is advertised to be in working condition & notifies us the same night as the customer pickup, a partial/complete refund may be offered at the sole discretion of SMSC management (this must be done the same night as the customer pickup, as we typically split total sales proceeds with our client the morning after).

Everything is priced to go Friday by 7pm! Shop early for the best selection and shop later for the best deals. We hope you enjoy this innovative and exciting new service we have introduced for your shopping pleasure!

Feb 26th-March 1st, 2024 - Jean Fosbrooke Original Artwork Sale (Calgary)

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